Don’t tarnish God’s reputation

If there is one question a follower of Jesus should ask before saying something or doing something or thinking something, it is this – “Will this bring glory to God?” The Apostle Paul states this unequivocally in 1 Corinthians 10:31: “Therefore, whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all for the glory of God.”

Glory, though, is a word oft-used by people, yet it just may be one of those words that are used often but of which the definition is murky or vague in one’s mind.

So here’s how I define glory: “enhancing one’s reputation.” As a follower of Jesus, one who claims to be changed by God, every word said and every action performed can either enhance or tarnish God’s reputation. As a person changed by a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, what we say and do speaks volumes to those around us of what God is like.

Maybe if this question is asked before saying or doing something that is truly unloving, that word or action will not be taken because what it will do is tarnish the reputation of God because people will believe that God is not loving or good.

Jesus came to bring glory, to glorify, to enhance the reputation, to the Father. We who are followers of Jesus, adopted sons and daughters of the living God, have received the Spirit and nature of Jesus as our own. We must live into that identity and carry out what Jesus did because Jesus is our nature, namely, glorify God.

So, how will you enhance God’s reputation today? And how will you make sure you don’t tarnish it instead today?


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