The Parable of the Fisherman

There once was a man whose livelihood was fishing. He had fished for many years and did so in the same body of water. It was a lake that was known for having much fish and many people fished its waters because of it.

But over the years, this man noticed that the number of fish that he was catching was declining and the pace of the decline was increasing, until one day he didn’t catch any fish. And then the same thing happened the next day and the day after that. Before he knew what happened, a day of not catching any fish turned into a week of not catching any fish which turned into a month.

And then he realized that he was the only person fishing on the lake. Through having some research done on the lake, the man discovered that the reason why he was no longer catching any fish from this lake was that there were no longer any fish in the lake.

But because this was the only place he knew to fish, he continued to fish there every day, even though he caught zero fish. He eventually gave up trying to fish and just stayed home. He had no desire to find another place to fish because all he had known was this one place to fish. He justified this action by telling himself that he wouldn’t know how to go about finding another place to fish.

Eventually, the man’s saved resources of fish and money were depleted, and he died, all because he refused to go through the difficult steps of finding another place to fish.

Paraphrasing Jesus, “Let him or her who has ears hear the message of this parable.

If you want to know the meaning of the parable, read my next blogpost.


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