What do you believe?

Have you ever considered that question? Too often, people don’t realize that they operate everyday based on their beliefs. Beliefs go unnoticed, but what one truly believes shapes actions and gives direction, even in mundane ways.

For example, belief is demonstrated by the act of sitting in a chair or on another piece of furniture. At some point today, you will sit down and you will do so because you believe that piece of furniture will support your weight. If you don’t believe, or are unsure, that a piece of furniture will support your weight, what do you do? Either you choose not to sit or you do so with great caution. How or whether or not you sit reveals your belief about that piece of furniture.

What is truly believed will be demonstrated in our actions because those beliefs give direction to our actions.

There are so many questions which are asked about this world and about life itself. Questions like, “Why am I here?” and “What is the meaning of life?” and “Is this all there is?” and “How do I find fulfillment in life?” and “What will bring satisfaction in life?” and “How to I experience hope in life?”

How questions like these and others are answered reveal and shape what we believe about life and this world and our direction in both. These answers can bring hope or they can bring the attitude of “Live for today because tomorrow we die.”

So many people have chased what they believed would be answers to life’s big questions only to realize that, after achieving them, they were wrong. Those things did not bring lasting meaning, but meaning only for a brief time. People chase riches. People chase fame. People chase power. People chase (you insert here).

People chase after things because they believe that if they only could achieve this or experience that, then they would find satisfaction and fulfillment in life. Only, many find that after the achievement or the experience, the satisfaction and fulfillment they had hoped to achieve through it quickly fades. They then start the cycle again with, “If only I…” They move from one achievement and/or experience to the next hoping that the next one will be the one.

And that’s how they live life, by the belief that the next thing will be “it.”

So, what do you believe? How has that belief altered your life? Has that belief brought true and lasting hope? Has that belief brought about real and permanent satisfaction in your life? Has that belief brought about real and permanent fulfillment in your life?

Or has that belief taken you down a path on which you are, like an addict, always chasing the next “high,” always thinking that what brings meaning, fulfillment, and hope in life will be around the next bend only to find that it doesn’t?

What do you believe?

What has your life revealed?


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