The Importance of Having Purpose in Life

Having a purpose in life is a driving force. It’s a force that gets us up out of bed in the morning. It’s a force that gives direction to our thoughts, our actions, and how we move through the day and life.

Without purpose, life becomes meaningless.

Without that force derived from purpose, life becomes adrift.

And just like the truth of “If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything,” not having a purpose in life will cause you to go in so many directions, attempting to chase something down, and none lasting very long.

And sometimes those who know their purpose need a reminder of that purpose because they’ve allowed the purpose to get out of focus. And the result of that is to now move in directions which will not further that purpose.

This past weekend, I received a reminder of what my purpose is in life, a purpose which, when I was 18 years old, was given to me by God through a prophetic word from a surprising source, surprising because that source did not believe prophetic utterances were for this time.

That prophetic utterance came during a discussion about the meaning and significance of my name. By this time, God had already placed a vocational call upon my life, which He did in response to a prayer prayed before I was even conceived.

My given name is James Herbert. (Yes, I had classmates tease me by calling me “Herbie, the love bug.”) James means “supplanter.” A supplanter is “one who overthrows,” such as overthrowing a ruler or government. Sometimes “thief” is used as a synonym for supplanter. Herbert means “illustrious or bright warrior.”

The prophetic utterance stated, “Jim, you will be a warrior for God who steals the very souls of people from the grasp of Satan.” In other words, I would liberate people who were under the control of Satan and lead them into the freedom only found in Christ.

That’s my purpose in life, my God-given purpose.

There have been times when I have allowed other things, good things but with the same result, to cloud my focus and draw my attention in other directions. That has happened over the last few months.

But due to two statements uttered by the power and inspiration of the Holy Spirit, I have realized that my purpose had gone out of focus. And through those two statements, it has been brought it back into focus.

There may be, and most likely will be, difficult times ahead, but that’s okay. My Master has plenty of resources so that provision is not going to be a problem.

And realizing that difficult times are ahead but that my Master has already provided what I need has released me to focus on that purpose, bringing it back into clear and sharp focus.

It’s once again time, as the Christian music artist Steve Camp sang in the 1981 song “Run To The Battle,” to “run a mission a yard from the gates of hell.”


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