Saying it the way it is

In yesterday’s sermon, I was quite pointed with what I said. The title of the sermon was, “What’s a Successful Fishing Trip?” And the topic and theme was that actually being successful at fishing means actually catching fish. If no fish are caught, it has been unsuccessful. And if no fish were caught with certain methods and in certain locations, change up what is being done so that maybe you might catch fish.

The same is true for being “fishers of people.” If the methods used are not being successful, meaning actually having people respond to the gospel message and become followers of Jesus, then change whatever is necessary, even if that means some long-held preferences or traditions.

I and we don’t have the luxury of not dealing with reality and living in some perceived reality, even if the natural end of that reality is not good, and especially if that is the case.

Doing this is not being negative; it is being realistic. It is not being critical, it is giving words to the place we currently are in order to deal with it.

Admission is the first step to change. Sugar-coating reality is a diluted admission, at best, or a form of denial, at worst. Either way, doing so will not bring about change, for a full and honest admission of what is current reality and how we came to be at that place is necessary and required. Anything less will just not work.

Is having to admit to a difficult reality being reality hard? Yes, but the only way difficult reality changes is if things, such as actions and motivations, are changed, for if you don’t change the path on which you have walked, don’t be shocked when you end up at the same place.

And I, for one, don’t want to end up in the same place. I know what the end of that path is.


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