To learn, you must first unlearn

“The key to effective learning is what we must first unlearn.” – Graham Cooke

Graham then goes on to give both Paul and Peter as examples of the necessity of first unlearning what has been learned in the past. Paul went from being Threat #1 to followers of the Way to being its foremost apostle because he unlearned what he had been taught and was then taught through and by revelation by Christ Himself.

Peter had to unlearn that Gentiles did not need to first become converted Jews in order to become a follower of the way.

This has also been my experience. I have had to unlearn some things that I was taught theologically before I could go deeper into the truth of what Scripture was really saying. It was often the case that I was confronted with a different perspective and, after good study, I realized that what I had been taught was either wrong or deficient. I had to then throw out that old learning completely before I could truly learn the truth that was now presented to me.

And the joy of that process was that now I have gone deeper and am able to deeper still in the truth and reality of the Gospel and what occur in and through it, incredible things.

I have seen the error of the common approach and interpretation of passages like Romans 7 where that approach commonly purports that Paul is teaching that there is some type of internal spiritual warfare being waged inside the believer when he is saying nothing of the sort. (hint – the first 4 verses are crucial in truly understanding what Paul is saying to those who know the law about what it was like under the law and what it is like now for those who have been freed from the law.)

There are many followers of Christ who, as children, were taught religion with its rules and regulations and restrictions who need to unlearn this in order to learn that in the Spirit and life in the Spirit, there is true freedom.

So, what might you need to unlearn what you learned in and from your past so that you can move forward in learning something awesome?


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