Ever gone fishing?

Ever gone fishing?

How does one determine whether or not the fishing trip was successful? Well, whether or not s/he caught fish, of course!

What happens to a person fishing if the type of bait being used isn’t catching any fish but that person refuses to change bait because that person swears by this bait because it worked a previous time? That person goes home empty handed – no fish!

But the person who is willing to change bait or lures until one is found that is working that night with those fish will most likely be successful to some degree.

And we would find that person very smart because that person was not stubbornly beholden to only one type of bait, for that person knew that the type of bait or lure used was much less important than actually catching fish.

I remember as a teenager we would go out onto Lake Michigan to fish. We had many different types of lures. If we weren’t having any success with a certain lure, we’d listen to the marine radio because other people fishing would broadcast what type of lure was giving them success at catching fish. We would then change, often with good results.

Jesus told Peter and Andrew when He called them to be His disciples that He would make them “fishers of men/people.”

And every follower since, every congregation that ever came together, has the same job of being fishers of people.

Why then is it so often true that what is used in an attempt to be successful “fishers of people” is more important to so many than whether or not it actually works?

And if it isn’t working, yelling at those you are trying to “catch” or criticizing them for not responding to the attempt makes no more sense than someone in a boat, who is not catching fish, thinking that yelling at the water and the fish in it will start making the fish get caught.


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