Throw out the limitations

Want to read something shocking? Well, here it is – “God does not live in a box.” Shocking, right? God has no predetermined flight plan or process set in stone to which we can point and say, “This is how God operates here” or “This is what God does in this situation.” That’s why God can do things in surprising and totally unexpected ways.

It’s why God can choose…

  • to have a 90 year old woman give birth to the child promised to Abraham (Sarah).
  • to use a prostitute to save the two spies and include her in the lineage of Jesus (Rahab).
  • to have the “runt of the litter” be king of Israel (David).
  • an unwed teenage girl to carry and give birth to the Messiah (Mary)
  • a murderous enemy of His followers to be the foremost proponent and apostle of the gospel (Paul).

And just because Scripture ended when John put down his pen doesn’t mean that God stopped doing things like these. God is beyond creative and imaginative and some of the things He comes up with and the way He decides to do something are so far out there – so unexpected; so totally surprising.

And most followers say they believe this about God, yet by the way they approach different situations or an unswayed attitude about how something must be done, they reveal something much different.

I remember being in a conversation with someone a number of years ago. Something awesome was happening in a particular congregation in and through which God was being glorified and people were coming to Christ. This person was critical of what was occurring. So I asked, “Can God work in whatever way He chooses?” The response was, “Of course.” So I asked, “Then why can’t God work this way?” The answer? “Because God doesn’t work that way anymore!”

And in that last answer was the reality that this person did not really believe that God could work in any way He chose, even though s/he said differently. In reality, this person had placed boundaries on God’s creativity and on how God was supposed to do things, and anything outside of those boundaries was deemed not of God.

When this is the attitude, so much of what God does is missed. And so much blessing and provision and opportunities to experience incredible things are missed.

I believe this is why Jesus spoke of the importance for followers to have a faith like a child. A child often knows little or no bounds in imagination and creativity and what is possible. Just watch how young children play and their creativity and imagination.

Boundaries? We don’t need no stinkin’ boundaries!

So, get rid of the boundaries; open your mind to the limitless possibilities of how God can work. He is marvelous and the standard for creativity in that marvelousness. And every situation we encounter in life is just another opportunity for us to experience His incredible creativity and imagination.

And that brings incredible wonder to life.


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