Time to be proactive

A couple of weeks ago, I posted on Facebook about my intention to being the process of eliminating caffeine from my diet. I gave up pop in October 2014, but I still continue to drink much coffee, often up to a full pot many mornings a week. Last month my father-in-law had a heart attack, one that, had he not already been on the hospital grounds, would have most likely taken his life.

As a result, doctors have recommended to him that the elimination of salt and caffeine from his diet is necessary and very important for his health. For him, the heart attack was a wake-up call. And so I have chosen to be proactive in taking steps to eliminate caffeine from my diet before I need a wake-up call myself.

Taking steps to be proactive is much better than having to be reactive.

Over the past months, due to different actions, circumstances, and responses in our country, the issue of racism has been in the news and at the forefront of the minds of many.

To my knowledge, none of what has occurred has really touched the community of Fort Dodge in a significant way. By that, I mean to say that there have not been any of these types of activities or occurrences which have race and racism running as an undercurrent. But why wait until one does before seeking to truly and deeply address any issues along these lines?

I know of no better place for this very issue to be addressed than by the faith community. And I’m not talking about some superficial and temporary “swipe” at doing something so we feel good and justified about ourselves.

Nope. I’m talking about something that is significant and lasting. I’m talking about something that truly addresses underlying issues. I’m talking about something that demonstrates what the Kingdom of God is truly like.

I’m hoping this goes somewhere, but, honestly, it will be dependent on “buy-in” from others, a “buy-in” that I cannot force. If that buy-in doesn’t happen, then, most likely, nothing more than something which is truly superficial and temporary in nature will occur. And from my experience, that type of  thing is truly a waste of time.

This very type of thing is something about which I have had an ongoing vision, one I believe I was given by the Lord Jesus.

It is my  belief that, through being proactive about these matters, the faith community which is to be representing in Fort Dodge what the Kingdom of God looks like, will truly impact and have a transformational effect on our community.


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