There is a connection between what a person values and true change

I have often said to people that if I was given access to a person’s checkbook and calendar, I could determine much about what that person values. I believe this to be true because what we value, we spend our money and our time on.

But there is another aspect to this. In order to get a person to change how they spend their time and/or money, one of two things must happen: either something new must begin having a higher value to them than what is currently deemed valuable or the possibility of losing something valuable if current practices don’t change.

By and large, humans are creatures of habit. If something is not in our normal experience and habit, in order for a new thing to take the place of something in our current normal experience, that new thing must “wow” us to the point so that we make a change in our normal experience and habit.

For example, if a new restaurant opens in town, you may try it out, but if the food and the experience isn’t better than those restaurants you normally patronize, it is often the case that your going to that restaurant will be infrequent at best. You may not even consider it in your normal thinking about where to go out to eat. You end up having to think very intentionally to even go there. But if the restaurant does “wow” you, you very readily and easily make that a common restaurant to patronize, taking the place of another one.

It is often the case that these two things are linked. By allowing a person to experience the value that something has for them, something which they don’t currently value, so that they develop a desire for that thing to continue, and then allowing them to experience the possibility that if changes are not made in the way they spend their time and money, that new thing they now desire and value could possibly go away, it is often the case that that person will readily and eagerly make changes so that it doesn’t go away.

And this type of change isn’t coerced; it is change that finds its source in the person making the change. It is change that is made on the heart level because that person has placed a high value on that thing. And it is incredible the lengths to which a person will go in supporting that newly valued thing with their time and their money.

But if there is no value change at the heart level, eventually the person will go back to what was the normal experience and habit before. There is no true change occurring. Oh,  different practices might last for a while, but they will not last if no true heart change has occurred.

Without a change in value, true change does not occur.

My thought for the day.




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