Remembering the prophetic word spoken over me

I was reminded of something this morning by the Holy Spirit through something posted on Facebook, in which I was tagged.  My favorite song by Steve Camp, “Run to the Battle,” was posted.  In the beginning of that song is my favorite line which is based on a quote from C.T. Studd: “Some people want to live within the sound of chapel bells, but I want to run a mission a yard from the gates of hell.”

What the Spirit reminded me of was a prophetic word that was spoken over me as a teenager.  It can be far too easy to forget or not actively shape one’s life around a prophetic word from God when that’s exactly what God wants to do.  The Spirit, through this post, is calling me back to that prophetic word.

I received my call from God into ministry in February 1985.  I won’t go into the details, but this calling was immediately confirmed in a very unexpected way.  Sometime after that, before I headed off to college, in a youth group meeting, my youth pastor was teaching us about meaning and importance of a person’s names.  He then went around to each one present, gave to us the meaning of our names, and the put them together in a deeper way.  Here’s what he spoke over me from the meanings of my names, James Herbert: “Jim, you will be a warrior for God who steals souls from the very grasp of Satan.”  I was floored and excited all at the same time!  To have this word spoken over me on top of my call from God was incredible.

And this is why this line from this song has always resonated with me.  A warrior runs into the battle, not away from it.  A warrior is primarily concerned with carrying out the mission given.  I have not been running to and into the battle as much as I should be.  I have not been as actively as a warrior should seeking ways and opportunities to steal those souls from the grasp of the enemy.  Well, it might be early for this, but there is my commitment for the year 2016.  The focus will be on carrying out that prophetic word spoken over me some 30 years ago.

I’ll even be fair by giving my enemy a warning, not that it will do him any good since I serve the almighty God.  Here it is: “Satan, this warrior of God is coming.  I will be at the gates of your kingdom, running operations for my Master, the King of all.”

Let’s get it on.


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