A very powerful thing

Having someone believe in you is quite a powerful thing.

Through my wife, Mary Jo, I have witnessed this power firsthand.  She is the one of two directors for our high school’s spring musical.  I, and others in the community, are continually amazed at the level she, along with the other director, are able to get the students to perform.  It is often commented that the level of their performances are of college-level quality.  The bar of expectation and performance is set high, but not because she wants to be mean.  She sets the bar at the appropriate height for that particular cast because she knows they can achieve that level of performance.  They possess the ability.  Many times, though, it is not enough for the students themselves to believe it; it also takes a director who also believes in them, a director who will not let them settle for a lower level of achievement because she knows they are better than that.  Because of that, she drives them, and drives them hard, but they respond because they know she wouldn’t be doing that if she didn’t believe in them, if she didn’t believe they were capable of more.  And her belief drives them forward and upward.

If you are an adopted son or daughter of God, did you realize that God believes in you?  I mean, really believes in you?  This is one of the awesome direct implications of the new relationship with God in the New Covenant in Jesus.  God believes in you, because, in truth, if He didn’t believe in you, He wouldn’t believe in Himself.  The reality of that last statement is found in one of the fundamental differences between the Old Covenant and the New.  In the Old, God’s Spirit would come upon people and then lift off after a while.  It was called “visitational” in nature.  But in the New, God’s Spirit comes to live within the believer, never to leave.  This is called “habitational.”  So with the believer’s new, true, and only nature being Christ, if God didn’t believe in us, He would not believe in Himself.  And that just isn’t how God does things.

And as awesome and powerful and effective as the belief my wife has in her actors is, how much more so when it is God who is believing in us?  Paul’s words in Philippians 1:6 are on point: “…being confident of this thing, He who inaugurated in you a good work will carry it on toward completion until the day of Christ.”  How is it possible to have any higher level of confidence then when God is the one working?  And He continues to work because He knows with what He has already filled His adopted sons and daughters.  And He believes in that.  Therefore, He believes in you and He believes in me.

How awesome is that?  How powerful is that level of belief when we truly realize it?  Imagine what can be accomplished for His glory and praise and kingdom.  All because the Almighty God believes in us.

Believe it.  Live it.


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