Why I Wrote Joyful Intentionality by Allison Bown

In Focus

Allison Bown is the Director of the Warrior Class and has just published her first book, Joyful Intentionality. She contributed a short article about why she wrote Joyful Intentionality and how the book came to be:

Joyful Intentionality

Most of us know a great deal about what we should do as a Christian. Like many of you, I had heard all of the scriptures and understood that I was supposed to be praying, studying and becoming more like Jesus. But the early models and experiences in my life left me working really, really hard to have a good relationship with God—but rarely feeling that I actually did.

In a continuing life of trying-harder-to-do-better-for-God, I consumed a lot of teaching, read loads of books and listened to CDs by the bucket load, yet always wondered at the slow pace of the transformation that was supposed to be occurring.

In 2002, I heard Graham…

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