On the right path

I believe God still communicates to people today, and not just only through Scripture.  I believe that God still speaks to people through ways like placing something in a person’s spirit or heart, by speaking directly to him/her, or by allowing him/her to see something, among other things.  And I also believe God uses dreams to communicate.

(As an aside, what I just said in the above paragraph is a departure from what was impressed upon me as a child, for I was taught that once the New Testament was finished, that God would now only communicate through it.  I departed from that because of coming to two realizations.  First, if God was done talking with the close of the New Testament, then, in reality, He really didn’t have much to say.  Second, nowhere in the New Testament does God truly state that He is done talking.  Of the two main passages used to support that He now only speaks through the written word of the Bible, one [1 Corinthians 13:10] is interpreted incorrectly and the other [Revelation 22:19] is misapplied.  Therefore, I believe God is still speaking in order to reveal Himself to people and enhance His reputation among people.)

The reason I bring this all up is that God came to me last night through a dream.  I had a few dreams last night, but what remained most vivid from them was a reference to a passage of Scripture – John 1:31.  I couldn’t get it out of my head.  So I made a point to read it this morning.  After reading it, I took it as God sharing with me that I am on the path He is forging.  It says, “And I did not know him, but so that he should be made known to Israel, on account of this, I came baptizing in water.”

It is the last half of John the Baptist’s statement that provides the affirmation: “…but so that he should be made known to Israel, on account of this, I came baptizing in water.”  John’s whole purpose in what he did (the baptizing) was to make the Annointed One, the Christ, Jesus, known to Israel.  Much of what has dominated my thoughts over the last few months and weeks, and I hope to be a explicit point of emphasis this summer, is that what we do has the expressed purpose of making Jesus known to Fort Dodge.

I guess God wanted to make sure that I didn’t have any doubts as to the path He was forging.  He’s good like that.

So, what is the command?  “Engines all ahead full.”


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