I am so pumped that I have now been released to share something I have been doing over the past 3 weeks!  It has been bursting inside of me to talk about this, but the Holy Spirit had not released me to do this until just a few minutes ago.  And now I’m doing a happy dance!

This story has to do with God’s goodness and kindness and favor being displayed to people in order to draw them into a relationship with Him.  And it has to do with me transferring the goodness and kindness and favor God has displayed and shown to me to a specific person in order to draw her and have her realize that He’s crazy about her.

Since this past March, we have had an organization leasing a classroom in our building as office space with two of their advocates (the title this organization uses for its employees) using it.  I have been building a relationship with these two ladies, but one more so.  By her own description, she has no faith background whatsoever, but she and I have had some wonderful conversations about faith and who God really is, among other topics.

Three weeks ago, in a conversation, she told me that she was trying to quit smoking.  She had been smoking for 20+ years and she and her fiance’ (also a smoker) decided that it was time to quit.  After this conversation, I was directed by the Spirit to do something, something that I really have never done before, and something which I was restricted to whom I was allowed to tell.

I was led to buy some olive oil and, every morning I was in the office (I’m usually in my office by 7:30AM), I was to anoint the door frame of the room being used as office space, asking God to demonstrate His incredible goodness, kindness, and favor to all who walk through that door, but especially upon this woman.  So, I have been doing this for 3 weeks.  I wasn’t exactly sure how long I was to be doing it, but I was willing to do it for months, if that was what the Spirit wanted me to do.

Well, this morning, I felt the urge to go up and see how the quitting smoking was going.  She told me it was going very well.  She was having no cravings for a cigarette.  I asked her if she had tried quitting before and, if so, how did that compare to her current experience.  She began to tell me that she had tried quitting before, but was never able to get beyond a few days.  She said that this time was much different.  She had used “the patch” for the first 4 days this time, but she’s not sure she even really needed it.  It has been that much easier this time.  

As soon as she told me about the vast difference of this time, I heard in my spirit that I was now released to tell her what I had been led by God to do.  To preface my telling her, I told her about how God works, using His goodness and kindness to draw people to Himself and into a relationship with Him.  Then I told her I had been doing something and I was now released to tell her about it.  So, I told her about the anointing of the door and praying God’s favor into and onto her life.  

She then told me that she was wondering if there might be something else affecting this attempt to quit smoking.  She said this because she has encountered different situations during the past 3 weeks which would have driven her to smoke, but this time, those situations had no effect upon her.  She considered that strange.  I told her that it was God displaying His goodness and kindness and favor to her.  She smiled at hearing that.

Before I left her, I told her that there was one other thing I was supposed to tell her, a message direct from God to her.  I looked at her and said, “God wants you to know that He’s crazy about you, and really wants a relationship with you.”  When I left her, she once again had a smile on her face.

So, I am so glad that I have been released to share this experience.  I’ve been bursting for the past few weeks.

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