God is generous; shouldn’t His children be also?


(As a disclaimer about something in the linked article, there is a link under the picture of Pastor Chad Roberts titled, “Related: Gay Ex-Marine Stiffed by Family Offended by ‘Lifestyle.'”  I have no idea why they linked that story because it has been found out to be false.  This family has the credit card statement to prove it.  They gave around a 20% tip to the server.  But, with that disclaimer stated, that doesn’t change the unfortunate reality this article and the website, http://www.sundaysaretheworst.com, discusses.)

One of God’s characteristics is generosity.  Think about it; He gave His only Son for us.  Jesus, while on earth, said that the widow who cast in a very small amount into the temple treasury gave more than those who gave more because she gave out of her need and they gave out of their surplus.  

As an adopted child of God who has been given the nature of Christ, generosity should be a natural characteristic for the follower of Christ.  It should not be the exception.  Unfortunately, as some of the personal experiences related on the “stories” section of sundaysaretheworst.com, there are those whose experiences cause them to think that Christ-followers are just the opposite.  

So, God is generous and that should also be His children’s nature.  When I go to a restaurant, the minimum tip I give is 15% and that is for the worst service.  If the service is average, I give 17-18%.  If the service is very good, I give at least 20% and sometimes even higher.  God has been generous with me; I will then be generous to those around me when I have opportunity to be generous.

God is also patient.  So, when I’m in a check-out line or at a restaurant, I have worked diligently on increasing my level of patience for God already knows me as perfectly patient.  And God is now giving me opportunities to take this characteristic He has given me out for a walk, to exercise it and enjoy it as well.  So what if it takes 3 minutes longer in the check-out line because of something that has happened.  And it is often the case that when that server or cashier is afraid I have been made to wait too long, s/he is apologetic.  And my common response to that is that it was no problem.

The thing that every adopted son or daughter of God’s must remember is that, just like the name of the family into which we were born or adopted, we bear and represent the name of God, meaning Him and His character, to the world around us.  So, if we are not generous or get mad because we have had to wait 3-5 additional minutes to get checked out at the store, what does that say about our God?  What does it say about His nature which, through Christ dwelling and resting in our hearts, is our new nature?  What does it say about the proclamation that God is purportedly able to change a person?  What does it say about our God when we demand that to which we believe are entitled and get very upset when we don’t receive it within the time frame we choose?  What does it say about our God when we get mad at a person, but don’t care about that person’s circumstance(s) at that time?  What does it say when we’d much rather follow the path of getting justice than the path of demonstrating love?  I think you get my point.

Just as many of the personal experiences on that website stated, the actions of these Christians which do not mirror the nature and character of God has put off him/her, causing him/her to not wanting to even give God a chance.

Let us remember whose name, characteristics, and nature we bear and represent to the world.  And may, as we do this, people be drawn to Him and His Son, just like the people who were drawn to Jesus when He was physically here on earth.


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