Words are powerful, whether spoken or written.  They communicate much.  They also reveal a lot.

Jesus said in Matthew 15:11 this: “It is not what enters into the mouth that defiles the man, but what proceeds out of the mouth, this defiles the man.”

What comes out of the mouth?  Yep, words.  

Words spoken have a way of potentially revealing attitudes and perspectives that we may not know we have, maybe even those we say we don’t.

Think about some of the phrases we, followers of Jesus, commonly say.  They have the potential to show that we, at some level, either don’t understand or have a potential misconception about something.

“I’m going to church.”  “Our church is located at…”  “He’s at the church.”  I know that I have spent other blogs on this one, but what does it say about how we view the identity of the church?  The use of this statement, I believe, shows that the world’s misconception of the church has been adopted by the people of God.  It is my position that we, the church, should use the proper wording to demonstrate the true identity of the church in contrast to what the world says.

Another one is “God is good.”  In my experience, this statement is said when a test for cancer comes back negative for cancer or the way we hope a situation will turn out is what happens.  What I have very rarely, if ever, heard is someone saying, “God is good,” after that test for cancer comes back positive or the undesired outcome of a situation being what occurs.  

Why is this the case?  Is it because we are revealing that at some level we have bought into the theology that it is our desires that are the standard by which God’s goodness is measured?  

Words reveal a lot about attitudes and perspectives.  I encourage each of you as I do this myself that you examine the statements you make in light of Scripture and see what they might reveal about your’s and my true perspective.

What other statements do the followers of Christ make that might reveal what our true perspective may be?  Could be a pretty interesting study.



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