An Overwhelming Morning in the Spirit

I don’t usually do more than one blogposts/day, but today is an exception.

It has been one of those days!  No, not a day in which you’d like to go back to bed and start the day all over again because it was bad.  It has been an overwhelming morning with my interactions with the Spirit and His with me.

My last post spoke about the body fully participating when it gathers together.  That participation, though, is not to be limited to our formal gatherings; it also occurs as we individually interact with the Spirit on a daily basis.  40 minutes ago was just an incredible reminder of this to me.  Let me explain.

This past Sunday, one of the prayer requests submitted for the pastoral prayer time was from someone whose cousin’s husband tragically decided to end his own life last week.  While that is tragic enough, in and of itself, this particular person and her family has been touched by death numerous times over the last 18 months or so, most of it totally unexpected.  During the prayer time, I admitted before praying and during the prayer that I really had no idea of how to pray so I was relying on the Spirit to intercede for me before my Father.

Sitting in the congregation was a young couple who has only in the last few months begun worshiping with us.  This morning at 11:44, I received a text from him saying, “Hope you are having an easier time with the news of this woman’s husband you spoke of Sunday.  We have prayed for you and I have been doing so all week.  Have a good day.”  What he didn’t know was that I am scheduled to meet with the person who submitted this prayer request early this afternoon.  It was perfect timing from the Spirit.

This couple is actively participating with this body because they are actively sharing what God has been sharing with them!  That’s what “building up” the body is all about, active participation through recognizing, hearing, and listening to God’s voice through His Spirit and then acting upon it as He directs.

But the Spirit wasn’t done!  Because of a busy afternoon, lunch today is a working lunch.  As I was going to get some lunch, the song that came on the Pandora app on my phone was “Joy” by Newsboys.  The lyrics are powerful and right in line with what the Spirit has had swirling in my head this morning and the last few days and weeks.  Here are the lyrics and I have inserted a link to the song.

You give my joy thats unspeakable
And I like it, I like it yeah
Your love for me irresistible
I can’t fight it, I can’t fight it

If life is water, I was dry as the Tucson dirt
If it’s a gamble, I’d already lost my shirt
If it’s a journey, I was dazed without a clue
I flipped a “U” back to the first love I ever knew

You give me joy that’s unspeakable
And I like it, and I like it yeah
Your love for me is irresistible
I can’t fight it, I can’t fight it yeah
You carried the cross and took my shame
I believe it, I believe it yeah
You shine your light of amazing grace
I receive it, I receive it yeah

If life’s a battle, the invasion is complete
If it’s a rhythm, I have found the perfect beat
If it’s a renaissance, I’ve got a new birthday
The world don’t give it
And the world can’t take it away


Bowed and broken, everything’s new
All that I need, you’re like water to seed
And how your love, rights everything wrong
In my weakness
You’re ever stronger, you’re pulling me back
Where I belong


Shalom and may God’s Spirit overwhelm you today!!!


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