Full Circle

Things have a way of coming full circle, especially where God is involved.  This occurred to me today, or at least the beginning of it possibly.

When I was a young seminarian, I was called to a youth pastorate position at a local church in Grand Rapids, MI.  This position was unpaid at the start, but I accepted the call because I knew that gaining practical experience in ministry was very important.  God was so good to me, because by accepting that position, he introduced me to Reverend Dr. Fred Moore, the senior pastor of First Evangelical Free Church.  Pastor Fred became my mentor in ministry, and for over 3 years, he poured himself into me.  Our time came to an end when Pastor Fred passed away in his mid-40’s, the age at which I currently find myself.

I have mentioned before how much his death affected me, but it was a statement by a fellow pastor and friend of us both, made to me after Pastor Fred’s funeral that was one of those catalytic statements that people experience in their lives that have a profound effect on a person.  Joe looked at me through my grief and said, “Jim, what God wanted to teach you through Pastor Fred has been taught; it’s time to spread your wings and fly.”  And that is exactly what I have been
doing since that point.

Now, there is a possibility that I could be something like what Pastor Fred was to me to someone else.  Hence the comment about coming full circle.  The person who has approached me about this possibility and I will be praying separately and together to see if this is what God wants.  If the answer is yes, I will most definitely move in that direction, but I wonder if God has more confidence in me than I might have in myself. 

I guess the reason I make that last comment is because I am continuing to learn myself what it means to be a pastor and follower of Jesus.  Through many conversations over the last 3 years, God has shown me much about a variety of topics.  I pray that if God moves me in this direction that what occurs would be pleasing to him and profitable for the one with whom I will be sharing this relationship.


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