Transforming the Delivering of Desk Calendars into Saving LIves

How can delivering desk calendars be used to save lives?

In the last week, I have spent about 90 minutes delivering approximately 50 2013 desk calendars to members of the Fort Dodge Greater Growth Alliance.  I am one of many from the Fort Dodge Noon Kiwanis Club who have helped deliver these calendars.  In appreciation of this, the Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance is donating $500 to our club.  It is that $500 that can be transformed in saving lives.

Here’s how.  Back in the 1990’s, Kiwanis International partnered with UNICEF to, once and for all, eradicate Iodine Deficiency Syndrome from the face of the earth.  Through fundraising and other efforts, this partnership was successful in doing just that.  Last year, Kiwanis International has once again partnered with UNICEF; this time, the enemy is Maternal Neonatal Tetanus (MNT).

According to UNICEF, MNT claims the lives of approximately 58,400 newborn babies, primarily in countries on the African continent, subjecting these newborns to a brief life of only days which are filled with extreme pain and suffering and then death.  58,400 breaks down to 160 babies/day and 1 baby dying every 9 minutes.  To say that this is a travesty is a colossal understatement, especially since tetanus is defeat-able.  In our country, we rarely give tetanus a thought, except when we take our children in to get their immunization shots, a booster, or a nurse or doctor asks about when our last tetanus shot was when we have an appointment.

Kiwanis International has the goal of raising $110 million by the end of 2016.  UNICEF has estimated that it will take that amount of money to eradicate MNT from the face of the earth through immunizing women who might become or are pregnant.  One immunization shot costs $1.80.  That’s about what a cup of coffee costs at a restaurant!

I am not sure exactly how many calendars total will be delivered, but let’s say that the number is 500.  That equals a $1 donation for every calendar delivered.  That money if given to the Eliminate Project (the name of this new partnership between Kiwanis International and UNICEF) will pay for 277 immunizations.  That means 277 babies will live and not suffer an agonizing and preventable death.

In 90 minutes, I delivered 50 calendars.  Those 50 calendars translate to $50 which translates to 27 babies saved.  That means for every 3 minutes and 20 seconds I was out delivering calendars, a baby’s life was saved.

That is how the delivery of desk calendars is transformed into saving lives.  This is just one example of how little things and little time can be transformed to do big, great and incredible things.  Another example would be that of A21 (21st Century Abolitionists) whose work is done with those caught up in the human trafficking industry.

A21 is doing incredible work.  On their website,, you can find small ways to help in the work of freeing those who have been trapped in this blight. is the direct link to 21 ways you can get involved today!

With the information and technology age, the world is becoming smaller and smaller because of connection with people with whom we may never come into contact.  Another direct result of this is that we can no longer have a “head in the sand” attitude or approach.  These issues are now at our doorsteps.  The proper view and approach is to look beyond ourselves and use what we have been given for greatest impact.  Tell me, which is a greater impact, drinking that extra fountain drink or cup of coffee for our own pleasure or that money being used to save a baby from a despicable and preventable death or helping free a person who is caught up in the human trafficking industry?

That is how we must view our world.  If desk calendars can be transformed into saving lives, the change that I throw into my change cup at night or that penny that I may not pick up from the ground can be transformed into impacting lives with hope.

What will you transform into impacted lives?


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